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Paschal greetings from metropolitan Korniliy – 2019

To the eminent hierarchs, devout clergymen and to all faithful and reverent children of the Holy Church

Today salvation has come to the world, for Christ is risen as Almighty. 

Canon for Pascha

Eminent Bishops, honorable fathers and all beloved brothers and sisters of Christ!

Once again, we celebrate the great and all-joyful Feast-day of all feast-days and the Celebration of celebrations — the Resurrection of Christ. With great joy I congratulate you, brothers and sisters in Christ, with a festive greeting – Christ is Risen!

Yes, truly has risen our Savior Jesus Christ, Who came to the world at the grace of His Father in Heaven, to sacrifice Himself and suffer death on the Cross to save the human race from perishing in sins.

Christ revealed Himself in the form of a renewed man, not subject to sin and death, clothed in Divine glory, and heir to the Kingdom of God and eternal joy. He opened the way to both eternal life and the light of the Kingdom of Heaven to all who truly believe in Him. Therefore, we, Christians, in our earthly life, in prayers, thoughts and deeds, must unwaveringly follow our Divine Teacher so that He will give us the opportunity to become like Him in glory when He resurrects us from the dead in a righteous judgment.

We must not hesitate to believe in the Risen Lord. As Apostle Peter said: “If Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins!” (1 Cor. 15:17). A true believer in the Resurrection of Christ always dwells with the Resurrected – he always feels Christ, as the Conqueror of sin, as the King of the Church of Christ. The Resurrected Christ must be the center of our lives. As Apostle Paul says: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20), Who fills the soul with peace and quiet, blesses the path of life and directs the will to salvation.

With all our soul we must love Christ, abide by His holy covenants and love as the apostles and myrrh-bearing women loved Him, who during His earthly life, followed Him and served with their labors. In response to this love, the Risen Christ appeared to His disciples and they prayed to Christ “to stay with them” in order to enjoy His full glory and radiance.

Let us always be with Jesus, having His living image constantly in front of us, making Him our Companion and Discourser, as like the disciples, who with burning hearts talked with Christ on the way to Emmaus. We will keep Him near us, to be our Teacher and our constant Companion for our whole life.

Christ foretold His Resurrection from the dead and truly resurrected. He promised to come again with glory to judge the living and the dead and then to reign for eternity. We believe that all this will come true according to His holy words.

When we say: “Christ is Risen!” and we answer: “Indeed He is Risen!”, we are professing that our salvation and deliverance from all sorrows, illnesses, grief and death is near and that the Kingdom of Heaven is undoubtedly approaching and the every-shining day celebrating His love and mercy.

And if on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, there are sorrows and illnesses in our lives, we will accept them as a gift from the hand of God with thanksgiving, knowing that He sends all this for our benefit. We will live with a firm desire to shy away from all sin and to preserve the love of God and people; and for our patience, the Lord will give us the indescribable wealth of His goodness.

We will maintain brotherly love, purity of the soul and Christian charity, remembering that the city of God prepared for us will not allow to enter anything unclean and foul.

We will be ready to meet Him with pure faith, hope and love, and with good, redemptive deeds. With joy and dignity, we will carry the name of Christ, setting a good example of Christian life for our neighbors. By the testament of the apostle, let us love the Church of God, have peace with one another, pray and rejoice without ceasing, and thank God for everything.

May the Lord strengthen you in every good deed, may He give you consolation and peace, as well as bless you with spiritual and physical health.

Let the grace of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, the prayers of His Most Pure Mother and all the saints, and my archpastoral blessing be with you all. Amen!

Christ is Risen!

By the grace of God, your humble Korniliy, metropolitan of Moscow and All Rus.