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The 11 memorial procession of the boyarina Morozova

The ancient and picturesque city of Vereya near Moscow is famous for its rich Old Believer history and traditions. One of these pious traditions is the Vereya-Borovsk church procession. This is the way for the Ancient Orthodox Christians to prayerfully recall the spiritual feat of the venerable martyrs and confessors, Theodora (the Noblewoman Theodosius Morozova) and Justina, Martyrs Princess Eudokia and Mary, who suffered for the Old Faith in the city of Borovsk in 1657. The Commemoration of the Martyrs for Ancient Piety is performed on September 24.

The 11 memorial procession of the boyarina Morozova

On September 22, Christians from all over our Country, as well as from Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine began to gather at the Intercession Church in the city of Vereya, where the Vespers and the Compline were served. After service a common meal was served, and then the pilgrims went to sleep.

On the cold autumn morning of September 23rd, a procession with icons and church banners, with singing of spiritual songs, left the city of Vereya to make a 30 kilometer path to the city of Borovsk forthe 11th time. In the afternoon the procession arrived at Borovsk, where the tired but spiritually vigorous pilgrimswere met by the parishioners of Borovsk Old Believers Church.

On September 24th, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in Borovsk, and a small procession to the chapel of the noblewoman Morozova was performed, which has become one of the tourist attractions of Borovsk. After the procession, a festive meal was served for the christians, accompanied by lively conversation..

Father Artemon Shendrigailov, father John Mikeev, and Oleg Sokolovsky as usual became the organizers of the  procession . The meal was served by the Cossacks of the Rogozhskoe Settlement and by the Parishioners of the Vereya and Borovsk communities.