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The Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church

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The Mysteries

Communion. Tasting of the true Body and Blood of Christ in the guise of bread and wine. The highest sacrament on earth is unity with the Saviour Himself!

The Mysteries

Baptism. The spiritual birth in the Church, the Body of Christ, through a three-time immersion in water in the name of the Holy Trinity. “The pledge of a good conscience toward God” (1 Peter 3:21).

The anointing with myrrh that the apostles consecrated and through which the gifts of the Holy Spirit are transferred unto the baptised.

Confession. The revelation of one’s own sins before God and the rejection of them. Through a priest, God can forgive the sin of the truly penitent.

Matrimony. The consecration by the Holy Spirit of the union between a man and a woman, in the image of the spiritual union of the Saviour with His Church.

Unction. The healing of spiritual and physical ailments, as well as the remission of those sins which a person has forgotten.

Priesthood. Ordination by a bishop of new bishops, priests and deacons. The clergy may be married or monastic. A bishop may only be of the monastics.

A Christian realises their responsibility before God, not only for their own life, for their actions, for their children, but also cares for the salvation of the souls of their relatives, friends, nearest and dearest, and of all people in general. A Christian seeks to be honest, hardworking, responsive and open, and they endeavour to eliminate all coldness in human relations.