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Sermon on the Sunday of Thomas

“Аlthough we do not see the Saviour with bodily eyes, let us begin to look at Him with the eyes of faith, fulfilling His holy commandments”.

The Day of Russia Was Celebrated in Chisinau with the Participation of Old Believers

A solemn event dedicated to the Day of Russia was held in the small hall of the House of Nationalities in Chisinau.

Metropolitan Korniliy’s speech at the International Old Believers Forum dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Protopriest Avvakum

“We are glad that now the state is turning to us, Old Believers, to learn from the experience of survival in difficult, sometimes extreme, conditions”.

Sermon on Great Saturday

“The events of the Passion of the Lord pass before us, and all that happened to Him because of His love for people”.

Sermon on the Great Thursday

“Let us remember that preparation for Communion begins immediately after the previous Communion, since our whole life consists in it – life, directed to salvation, spent in prayer and fasting, in good deeds and repentance”.

The new rector of the Intercession Cathedral on Rogozhskoe

Metropolitan Korniliy announced his blessing to Protopriest Alexey Mikheev to serve as rector of the Intercession Cathedral on Rogozhskoe.

See others and show yourself

The community of the village of Borodulino received guests from the parishes of the Ural region. The forum “Bearded men in Borodulino” was held there.

Metropolitan Korniliy’s visit to Kazan

On the occasion of the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God, Metropolitan Korniliy arrived in Kazan.

Sermon for the Fifth Sunday of Great Lent

“Indeed, what kind of salvation would it be, if God Himself would keep His laws, but man would remain unclean from sin?”

Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Great Lent

“Let us pay attention to the behaviour of the father, who first turned not to the Saviour, but to His disciples”.

The Procession of the Cross of Velikoretskoe

The procession of the Cross of Velikoretskoe is the longest of all Old Believer processions of the Cross.

Metropolitan Korniliy visited the parishes of Crimea

The labours of the first summer fast ended for the Primate of the Church in Crimea.

Remembering the feat of the hieromartyr Avvakum

А procession of the Cross took place in the Nizhny Novgorod region, from the village of Bolshoye Murashkino to the homeland of Protopriest Avvakum, the village of Grigorovo.

On the Old Believers of Odessa

The Mykhailo Hrushevsky Library in Odessa hosted a presentation of the book “Russian Old Believers of Odessa: Ethno-confessionality in a Multicultural City”.

Sermon for the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross

“Since ancient times the Cross had been foreshadowed in the form of images contained in the Holy Scriptures”.

Procession of the Cross in the village of Shuvoe, Moscow region

In the village of Shuvoye, Moscow region, a traditional procession of the Cross took place, led by Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia Korniliy.

The Cross Is the Beauty of the Church

Crosses were installed on the main domes of the Intercession-Assumption Church in Maly Gavrikov Lane in Moscow.

The Procession of the Cross of Serkovo

Serkovo procession of the Cross is an annual event of the Chisinau Eparchy.

Sermon for the Second Sunday of Great Lent

“Let us try, brethren, to make our fasting and prayer not fruitless”.