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Metropolitan Korniliy - Why do old-believers preserve the rite?

Speech commemorating the memory of the holy righteous printing pioneer John Fedorov

The books that were printed by righteous John are canonical and liturgical in our Church and guide to salvation all those who faithfully keep the light of the Christian faith.

Speech of metropolitan Korniliy at the World Russian People’s Council 2006

“The church, family and school are called to give people spiritual guidance that awakens love for God and for people”

Speech by metropolitan Korniliy at the Presidential Council 2014

“Our old faith holds considerable potential”.

Orthodoxy is always modern

Speech by metropolitan Korniliy at the 6th World Congress of Compatriots

“n such a difficult period for our Native land, when anti-Russian hysteria that arises from some Western countries is so prevalent, it is very encouraging to see all of you here in Moscow”.

Speech by metropolitan Korniliy at the Presidential Council 2014

“Old-believers kept the ancient manuscripts, rewrote them and created new ones”.

Speech at the Moscow International Education Fair 2016

“Тhe main commandment about the relationship of man with God says that we must love the Lord “with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind”.