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Archpastoral greeting on Pascha

To the Right Reverend bishops, to the devout clergy, and to all the faithful and devout children of the Holy Church.

Most Reverend Bishops, Revernd fathers, and all beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

Christ is risen!

Brethren, this is the time of joy and gladness, the Day of Salvation has come, the day of peace and renewal of our souls. Truly, the day of Pascha of Christ is the greatest, most wonderful, and bright of all the days of the year. On this solemn day, Christ, with His sacrifice on the cross, opened the doors of paradise to us, and brought out of hell the souls of the righteous who were imprisoned there until His Bright Resurrection.

Now we glorify the greatness of the Lord, joyfully wonder at His mysterious ways for our salvation. Great is the love and mercy of the Lord for us sinners! Christ redeemed us from eternal death, adopted us to God, so that we would not be slaves to sin and death, but would be free.

What shall we give to the Lord for His great mercy? Let us continually give thanks and praise, worship and fall at His feet. May our common joy not be fruitless and fade away with time. Let it bear its good fruit. Let us destroy enmity and rancor and forgive all by the resurrection. Let us embrace all with love and let those who hate us become our brothers in Christ, for Christ, humbling Himself, destroyed the enmity of the world by His suffering and Resurrection, and gave to his disciples the commandment of peace, that we might be sons of peace and love.

On the feast of Easter, people become closer and closer to each other, as children joyfully look at the surrounding world of God, in which everything rejoices and praises the Risen Christ! Be bold, said the Lord, Who has conquered the world and the ruler of the world — and has set you free from hell. Where death is your sting? Where hell is your victory? The devilish plots and slanders, the evil thoughts and grievances that tormented us, disappear like smoke, like wax from the face of the fire, retreating by the grace of the shining light of the Resurrection of Christ.

Now the enemies of the Church of Christ are again continuing their attempts to destroy faith in the risen Christ, trying to sow the seeds of malice and hatred among nations, calling for evil to be considered good, and sin to be a virtue. But the Resurrection of Christ is a guarantee that the dark demonic forces will not overcome the Church of Christ and that the seed of good will bring us the fruits of faith, hope and love. I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. And whoever lives and believes in Me will not die forever, says Christ (John 11: 25).

Brothers and sisters! Let us love our Saviour, who first loved us. Let us remain in peace and love, desiring to please and glorify Christ in all our works. I cordially congratulate all of you on the Feast of Holidays and the Celebration of celebrations — the Holy Pascha of Christ! May the Lord give all those who believe in His Resurrection strength of soul and body, confirmation in faith and spiritual joy. May He preserve and enlighten with the spirit of wisdom and steadfastness the rulers of our Fatherland, may the Lord preserve our land from wars and rebellions, epidemics and the violence of the elements; may He establish all nations in peace and harmony and lead them all to the true saving faith! May the grace of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ, through the prayers of His Most Pure Mother and all the saints, and my archpastoral blessing be with you all. Amen to that!

Christ is risen!

By the grace of God, Kornily, the Humble Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia,

City of Moscow, Pascha of Christ, 2021.