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“Mercy and Peace Prove the Truth of Our Faith”

September 1, 2021 

The Dormition is one of the church feasts beloved by the people. In honour of the Assumption of the Mother of God, one of the churches of the majestic church complex in Belaya Krinitsa is consecrated. The patronal feast in this historical centre of the Old Believers was led by Archbishop of Belaya Krinitsa and Bucharest and of all Ancient Orthodox Christians, Metropolitan Leonty, Archbishop of Kiev and All Ukraine of the Russian Orthodox Old Rite Church Nikodim and Bishop Gennady of Brailov.

“Mercy and Peace Prove the Truth of Our Faith"

The hierarchs were co-served by Priest Vladimir Svetlogorsky, Hieromonk Merkury (Poshtaru), Priest Mikhail Gerasim, Priest Nikola Trifonov, Priest Nikola Sekretar, Priest Yevgeny Brizhak, Priest Ioann Yablochnikov, Priest Konstantin Litvyakov, Priest Ioann Kuzmin, Protodeacon Nikola Tikan, Protodeacon Pavel Chiotik, Protodeacon Dorofey Kosmin, Deacon Vadim Krivosheya, Deacon Ioann Pishenin, Deacon Feodor Afanasov. After the liturgy, a praying service was performed with the sanctification of water, the rite of washing the relics and a procession of the cross.

“Mercy and Peace Prove the Truth of Our Faith"

Vladyka Leonty and Vladyka Nicodemus addressed the audience with a sermon on strengthening genuine Christian love and mutual understanding. The village of Belaya Krinitsa is a common holy place, where ancient Orthodox Christians incessantly offer prayers “for the peace of the whole world.” Metropolitan Leonty presented Archbishop Nikodim with an icon of Saint and Confessor Ambrose of Belaya Krinitsa with a particle of his relics.

“Mercy and Peace Prove the Truth of Our Faith"

The bishops from the two states emphasized that all sorts of difficulties may arise in church and secular life. They must be conquered solely by love and fervent prayer. Brotherly love, mercy, and peace among Christians are the best proof of the correctness and truthfulness of our faith.

After the festive meal, which brought together numerous Christians from Ukraine and Romania, Archbishop Nikodim held a number of meetings with the clergy, community leaders and specially arrived representatives of the state authorities of Ukraine. Among other things, a preliminary agreement was reached on the inclusion of the historical architectural complex “Belaya Krinitsa” in the state plan “Great restoration”.