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Good news and words of gratitude

The old believers’ community of Nakabaale is recovering from the natural disaster. As reported on our website, due to heavy rain and strong winds on October 29, a temporary building where the community was gathering to pray collapsed. When the building collapsed, residents of neighboring houses were injured and their homes were damaged. Communities at the Church of St. Nicholas at the Tverskaya Zastava and the cathedral at Rogozhsoe in Moscow have organized a collection of donations.

The widow of the first priest in Uganda, matushka Margarita Kavuma Kiyimba, said that the funds raised were used to repair the neighbors ‘ house, which suffered from a broken roof and pay for the treatment of the victims. Ugandan communities express their gratitude to all those who helped them financially and prayerfully in their time of need. Special words of gratitude are addressed to Metropolitan Korniliy and rectors of two communities in Moscow, fr. Alexey Lopatin and fr. Victor Zheltsov.