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Procession of the Cross in the village of Shuvoe, Moscow region

July 2

On June 30, 2021, in the village of Shuvoye, Moscow region, a traditional procession of the Cross took place, led by Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia Korniliy.

The Divine service was concelebrated by Vladyka Korniliy, Priest Maxim Andreev, the rector of the church, Archpriest Alexey Mikheev (Moscow), Priest Vitaliy Matveev (Selivanikha), Protodeacon Viktor Savelyev (Moscow), and Protodeacon Andrei Morzhakov (Yegoryevsk).

Metropolitan Korniliy congratulated the participants of the procession on the feast of the Shuvoysko-Gubinskaya Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God and noted that our pious ancestors purified this place with their prayers and made a vow, which is still being fulfilled:

We walk, we all pray together, and this is a great joy for us. We glorify the Mother of God. I am grateful to Fr. Maxim, whose labours contribute to the organization of the annual procession of the Cross.

Father Maxim expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Vladyka Korniliy, the priests and everyone who had arrived, and invited everyone to the fraternal meal.

The procession of the Cross in the village of Shuvoe takes place annually. Since the second half of the 19th century, on that day, June 30, the miracle-working icon of the Most Holy Mother of God was brought here and was carried around all the surrounding villages. Residents remembered that day and vowed to commemorate it every year, honouring the Mother of God, who delivered that area from a plague. Later, copies of the Gubinskaya icon were written, one of which is located in the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in the village of Shuvoe. This icon is called Shuvoysko-Gubinskaya according to its place of stay.

The procession starts from the church with the first irmos of the prayer service for the sanctification of water and follow through the entire village into the forest, where the sketes (small monasteries) used to be. There, in a forest glade, surrounded by tall pines and overgrown with fragrant strawberries, a cross has been erected in the memory of the Old Believer ascetics.

This year the procession was held in Shuvoe for the 9th time. For nine years a lot has been done in the church, the community has grown; there are more children and youth.We would like to believe that the pious tradition will not end and also their children will one day join this procession!