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The Procession of the Cross of Serkovo

Serkovo procession of the Cross is an annual event of the Chisinau Eparchy. An Old Believer monastery was located near the village of Syrkovo (Serkovo). Here venerable Alimpiy of Belaya Krinitsa was tonsured. Archimandrite Gerontiy (Kolpakov) of Belaya Krinitsa was also tonsured at the Serkovo Monastery and was its inhabitant.

Venerable Pavel of Belaya Krinitsa came here many times too. These three monks entered the history of the Church as direct participants in the restoration of the Belokrinitskaya hierarchy. Pilgrims from all over the Eparchy come to honour their memory and glorify Easter.

According to custom, they pray Sunday service in their communities, and then pilgrims from each community go to the village of Syrkovo.

The tradition of the procession of the Cross began in 2011. Then a carved cross for veneration was erected on the site of the monastery. Since then, the procession has become annual. Over time, the fixed time for the procession was determined – the last Sunday before the Afterfeast of Easter (Sunday of the Blind). In 2016, the procession was attended by Metropolitan Korniliy.

The Procession of the Cross of Serkovo, 2017
Photo: Sergey Tsymbalyuk

The gathering takes place at the church of village Syrkovo from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.. At one o’clock in the afternoon, the beginning of the prayer service is prayed in the church, and the procession of the Cross begins. During the procession, the pilgrims sing a prayer service for Easter and to venerable Fathers Pavel and Alimpiy of Belaya Krinitsa.

The Procession of the Cross of Serkovo, 2017
Photo: Sergey Tsymbalyuk

The length of the path is about six kilometers. Christians walk through the village, then go out into the field. Part of the way runs through the forest. The procession reaches the place where the monastery stood. At the end of the prayer service, all pilgrims are offered a meal prepared here over the wood fire. Church hymns and spiritual poems are sung at the meal.

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